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Floor Restoration
Wooden floors, all though elegantly, are also sensitive to various factors, which can be significantly damaged over time.
Starting from mechanical abrasion, when we walk on it,through atmospheric conditions,such as air humidity or temperature fluctuations, to accidental destruction - all this has considerable influence on the condition and appearance of wooden floors and  parquets.
What to do if the floor needs renovation?
At this moment it is good to turn to specialists who have been providing top-quality wooden floors, parquet and scraper services for years.
Natural Timber Design Ltd. which is located in West London, deals in repair and flooring services. The professionals who work  have appropriate experience, thanks to which wooden floors and parquets do not hide secrets from them.

Floor sanding, oiling/varnishing
A wooden floor to look beautiful, must be properly done.

 Is a real wood floor installation and renovation company.

Natural Timber Design crafts range of bespoke hardwood flooring and solid wood products on the premises, also provide external woodwork.

Wooden Decks, Fencing, Doors , Windows, Balustrades and more...
We have been in the wood flooring and carpentry business for more than 15 years. We are already well known suppliers of quality products for Architects, Designers, Contractors and other trade Customers.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether you are looking for Solid, Engineered, Wood Plastic Composite or Vinyl  flooring done well,


any carpentry work done in your home or garden.

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  Natural Timber DesignLtd
 Has trading agreements with many well known suppliers.
We deal with them directly which means we cut out some of the supply chain reducing the price of the raw materials, so we are able to bring it for you at a reasonable price.


After prolonged use, each parquet requires appropriate treatments that will restore its former glory.
 The parquet flooring service is a range of activities thanks to which a wooden floor can regain its beauty and unique character.
This type of work allows restoration of even heavily damaged floors, thanks to which even old wooden floors and parquets can rejuvenate with their unique appearance.
The professional at Natural Timber Design Ltd. will be able to guide you through the options available from light ash stains to high gloss dark polishes.
Let Natural Timber Design Ltd. help you with the following decisions:
- Colour of the stain
- Level of sheen
- Quality of durability required
- Time you have for the treatment
- Find the best product.....

Floor installation
Natural Timber Design Ltd. offers a trade service
- Real wood floors
- Wood Plastic Composite
- Rigid Vinyl Planks
- More....
for any trade specification.
A wooden floor is the element of decor that many of us would like to have in our home.
Wood is a unique material that brings us closer to nature, but also warms the interior and participates in the regulation of air humidity.
Of course, wooden floors and parquets is also an elegant way to finish any interior.Ideal for both home and office.
With wood, you also need to be able to work - from the correct position of the wooden floors and  parquets depends it's durability and aesthetics.
Therefore, if you want to arrange a wooden floor in a given interior, it is worth asking professionals who know how to handle it.
We invite you to take advantage of our professional service, which is laying floors. We have over ten years of experience in flooring works, thanks to which you can be sure about our competence and professionalism.
We know that wood is a material that requires proper handling of it, so as not to damage it, and at the same time arrange it so that it becomes a beautiful interior decoration.
Our services are comprehensive - we make sure that the new floor is laid on a solid base, that's why we secure old floor boards,to make sure the base are strong and solid, then proceed to laying the wooden floors

planks, parquets and chevrons.

Wooden Decks
It is said that the garden terrace is an extension of the house.It is an ideal space for relaxation, also among relatives.Many people dream of spending their  moments in the summer, warm evenings...
This is probably the most popular option.
Implementation of such a terrace is not very labor intensive.
You have to remember mainly about choosing the right wood and diligence in making.
Do not forget that finishing the wooden terrace is just as important as putting it in the right way.
The wooden terrace is first of all durable and looks really impressive. It's not terrible to move around it even on cold days.
We recommend, of course, the proper care of such a terrace, for example by cyclically covering it with oil.
 Nobody would like to destroy the effects of their own work - especially since the finishing of a wooden terrace makes it individualized, unique for the owner.
The boards for the terrace should be made of trees such as:
 -Siberian larch,
 - Ipe,
 - Red Cedar,
- and more popular wood.
These species can bear the weight and weather conditions best.
If we decide on a wooden terrace, it's construction is not too demanding and depends mainly on our imagination.
 House terraces should perfectly fit into the structure of the whole house, like the balcony, for example.


Fences are usually associated with a rustic style.
While the fences are in traditional stylization, we also offer many modern forms that will perfectly match the new shapes.
Wooden fences do not restrict the access of light, and yet they divide the plots, gardens and properties in a stable manner.
Wooden fences have been accompanying us for many, many years.
Today, with such a large selection of fencing materials, wooden fences and bays are coming back to favors.
The advantages of wooden fences
Wooden fences can be easily adapted to almost any garden.
When selecting fencing materials, you must also pay attention to the nature of the buildings located on the plot.
 If you love rustic atmosphere and your garden is full of colorful flowers and fruit bushes - a wooden fence is a great option!
Made of wood spans is a great idea for fencing a place on the plot, which will definitely belong only to you.
No wonder that these types of small fences are part of the terrace or other place to relax on the plot.
Choosing wood fences, you provide yourself and your family with a lot of privacy in a natural setting.
Wooden palisades are also a suitable place for the development of plants such as ivy, which beautifully emphasize the style of the garden.
Another big advantage of fences made of natural materials, and above all wood, is also the possibility to adjust the degree of clearance or color.
Especially in the latter case, we have a lot of room to draw - by choosing the right varnish, you can completely change the nature of the fence.


We will prepare for you furniture that perfectly matches your home! On the basis of this natural raw material, we also make shelves, stands and a number of other standard and unconventional elements of interior furnishings for our clients.
We have made, among others, the implementation of wine racks, wooden bookshelves and clever shelves for shoes.
Wooden Tables , benches.
We focus on simple forms, because they retain the most universal character, thanks to which they fit into rustic, classic, minimalist and modern interiors.
We are able to customize all the furniture as a manufacturer to the customer's needs - we make constructions according to our needs, providing you with exactly what you need at the moment.
We offer furniture made of raw material, but on request, we can also cover it with a suitable color of paint, varnish or stain.
We can do Building woodwork as well, where we can made, supply and fit
- Wooden windows
- Wooden doors
-  Wall Panelling
- Architraves
- Skirting boards
 and more carpentry

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We don’t just turn up for the job on time and with the right tools! For us, reliability also means ensuring every task we undertake is completed with utmost care and attention. Choose us and you’re in safe hands – superior results, no hidden charges, fully insured. When you choose us, you are hiring a team of trusted carpenters and joiners in London who can be depended upon to construct the best in bespoke carpentry solutions using the finest materials available.


We understand how personal it is to make changes to your home or office. For that reason, we provide a service that honours your individual vision and respects the pride you have for your home or office space. From day one, our highly skilled London carpenters will work closely with you to create premium bespoke carpentry to your exact specifications. With a meticulous attention to detail and an eye for accuracy, we will transform your ideas into a final product that is precisely what you envisioned.


We value our reputation for providing a professional service to all our customers, regardless of the size of project. We take great pride in not only delivering superior carpentry services and joinery solutions but also in ensuring genuine customer satisfaction. Every project we are involved in is completed within agreed timeframes; constructed to the highest standard, and our trusted carpenters, at all times, remain polite, respectful of your home, and committed to ensuring you receive the best possible service.

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